Polly-O Cheese is Now Kosher + $.75 Off Coupon

Yes, it's true. Polly-O string cheese has gone kosher, certified by the OU. And yes, you can print a coupon for $.75 off two packages. (As if it wasn't cheap enough in comparison to the kosher brands!) Many of you have tweeted, DMd and personal … [Read more...]

Shavuot GIVEAWAY: Les Petites Fermieres Cheese Basket (+ Shavuot Recipe Exchange)

It's not quite Lag B'Omer, but we're still in the homestretch to my favorite holiday: Shavuot! What do I love so much about Shavuot? Well, of course I could say it's the spiritual power of recalling Matan Torah, but ... yeah, honestly? It's the … [Read more...]