Target | 1 Dozen Eggs for $.99 (or As Low As $.89)

Target Eggs $.99

This week at Target, eggs are on sale for just $.99 per dozen.

A friend asked me if this was in honor of Pesach. I laughed and said, “No, Easter. But I do love it when the two holidays coincide!”

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.05.18 AMEven better, there’s a Cartwheel for 5% off a dozen eggs. And of course, if you pay with your Target RedCard, you’ll save another 5%. Which means, if my math is right, that you’ll end up paying just $.89 per dozen!!!

It used to be that $.99 was a “normal” sale price, but I haven’t seen them go below $1.19 in a while. And when you’ve got to buy dozens upon dozens of eggs, you know I’m going to get excited about getting them for anything less than $1! Target, here I come!



  1. My local target (Southern California) has eggs advertised for $1.49 🙁
    Still the lowest price, and I’ll use the cartwheel offer with it too, but not .99.

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