Target: 18 packets of Quaker oatmeal for just $.50

Target deal on oatmeal value packets

You know how I told you in my Kosher Coupon Round-Up post that you could get oatmeal for $.50 this week at Target after the $2 off coupon?

Well hopefully you printed out that coupon when I posted about it, because guess what?! The value packs with 18 (vs. 10 in a regular box) are also included in the deal! Paying just $.50 for 18 packets is actually quite a bit cheaper than making your own.

We had to make a quick run to Target yesterday for antibiotics (winter ickies starting early), so I quickly grabbed some oatmeal and my bottle of free Advil. We are now stocked up on the value packs, although I must admit to also bowing to 5-year-old-pressure for the Dinosaur Egg kind, which has just 8 packets in a box. The non-value packs were actually priced at $2.24 – $2.34, rather than $2.50, at my Target.

How about you? Did you score any oatmeal or other great deals at Target this week?


  1. For anyone who has a Publix nearby, Quaker Instant Oatmeal is on sale this coming week Buy One, Get One at $2.49. So if you have the $2 off one box, you can get two boxes for $0.49.

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