Target Deals for Week of 10/3/10: Great Deals on Pasta, Wipes & More

Great deals on pasta, dental floss and more at TargetHere’s a peek at (most of) what I bought at Target today. I saved right at 50%, including paying an average of $.60 for a box of pasta (under my target price, so I exercised the stocking up principle!), $2.50* for each pair of leggings for my daughter, $0 for the dental floss (!!!), $1.59 for each package for Mint Milanos (aka Mommy Crack), and just $5 for the twin-size comforter in the back! (Hello 75% clearance, I love you!)

I also got a pretty good deal on Huggies babies wipes, although those didn’t make it into the picture. If you are planning a Target run this week, here are some of my favorite match-ups:

Mott’s Apple Sauce – $1.75
Buy Five Motts’s Products, Get a $5 Target Gift Card
= $.75 each after gift card, no coupons required!
{Mott’s has a Triangle-K hechsher, so I didn’t end up getting them. But, if you should be getting them, I happened to notice that they have a variety called “natural” that doesn’t have High Fructose Corn Syrup  in it – if you are concerned about that kind of stuff!}

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta, all varieties — $1.13 (price cut until 10/31)
Use $1/2 here, or $.55/1 here
= As low as $.58/box after coupon and sale!
(Thanks, Totally Target!)

Huggies Wipes, 402 to 504 count – $11.99
Buy Two Huggies Wipes, Get a $5 Gift Card

Use (2) $2.50/1 Printable Coupon
Use $1.50/1 Target coupon (I got this in a Target baby mailer the other day)
= $6.24 each after coupons & gift card or $.89 per refill!

Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano Cookies – $2.59
Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
= $1.59 after coupon!

Reach Dental Floss – $.97 (the white plastic box)
Use $1/1 Reach Printable Coupon
= FREE after coupon

Philadelphia Cream Cheese – $1.87
Buy five and use $5/5 Printable Coupon
And then use (2) $1/2 Philadelphia Cream Target Printable Coupon
= $.47 each after coupons!
(Thanks, Amada for the heads up on the Target printable. Of course, I forgot to get these today and my $5/5 are about to expire. Guess I’m heading back to Target tomorrow!)

J&J Head to Toe Baby Wash, 9 oz – $2.00
Use $1/1 from 9/12 RP
Use $.75/1 from Target baby mailer
= $.35 after coupons!

For more great Target match-ups, please visit my friend Kelly at Kansas City Mamas. And if you live in the KC area, she is your go-to woman for all the grocery store match-ups, too! She’s awesome!

*The leggings are regularly priced at $4, on 30% off clearance for $2.85. Normally I’d wait for 50% off, but DD needs winter clothing now! I had a 10% off coupon for all my purchases, thanks to using my Target card at the pharmacy 8 times. And I get 5% off all my Target purchases, thanks to that same card. So, that’s how I figure $2.50 for a pair of leggings — which is a pretty good deal in my price book!


  1. I have a question – I have multiples of the same coupon, like a dollar off 3 cereal, for example. but it says on them that you can’t use more than one coupon together, is that true?

    • Dara, you can “stack” manufacturer coupons with Target coupons. But if it’s the same manufacturer coupon, then you can’t use more than one for the 3 boxes of cereal. Does that help?

      • yeah, I guess I could use more coupons if I bought more boxes, I think I have 2 different ones for the pasta. thanks.

  2. Thanks for the mention 😉 I had a problem with the coupon at Target today…anytime I go to stack coupons they give me trouble. They scanned the Target coupons and they went through. Then they scanned the Kraft and it didn’t. She said I didn’t buy the right things. I showed her the list and it said I did. Then she said that I already got off of four with the target coupon so I had to buy four more. And I said no it is a target coupon and a manufacturers coupon so I can use both. Ten minutes later I got my five dollars off. But I have had to stand and wait for my money there so many times it drives me nuts. If I didn’t just get 5 cream cheese for less than .50 each I would be mad 😉

    • Oh no! I’ve had my share of issues with the Target folks. It does take persistence and patience. In the end, they always get it worked out, but with three kids pulling on me, it’s often extremely frustrating to have to be sent over to customer service. Glad you kept your eye on the prize of cheap cream cheese! 😉

  3. The Target coupon printer software keeps crashing on me. any ideas???

    • Maybe try a different browser? I haven’t had that happen to me yet. If it’s still giving you fits, let me know. Anyone else have ideas?

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