Target | Extra 10% Off Purchase with Target REDCard (September 16th – 22nd)

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Do you have a Target REDCard? Are you a frequent Target shopper?

Starting on 9/16 and running through 9/22, Target REDCard holders will get an extra 10% off one in-store purchase – as well as the regular 5% off for using your REDCard! (The 5% will be deducted after your 10% off coupon).

The 10% off savings offer will show up in the Target app on 9/16, and is for app users only.

Don’t have a REDCard yet? If you sign up for a new Target REDCard from 9/16 – 9/22, you will be mailed a coupon good for a whopping $30 off a $100+ purchase. (So pretty much every Target run for me 😂).

Apply for the card and read all the fine print over HERE.

You can apply for either the Target debit or the credit card, and both offer the same benefits (listed here in order of awesomeness):

#1. Save an extra 5% every time you shop at Target (online or in-store) when you pay with your REDCard.

#2. Score FREE shipping, no minimum, when you shop at Without the REDcard, you have to spend $35 to get free shipping. (Before my older son’s Bar Mitzvah, I was ONE pack short of fancy dinner napkins, so I got it, spending $3, and got them delivered two days later for free. Gotta love that!)

#3. Get an extra month to return things. I am notoriously bad about remembering my “return” pile when I got to Target, so this extra month has saved me more than once. Also, you probably know this, but if you pay with your REDCard, you don’t need to save receipts. They scan just swipe your card to look up the purchase. (Same with any credit or debit card.)

#4. Enjoy early access to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online. This can come in handy especially with tech deals (think iPads and FitBits), which tend to sell out extremely quickly.As I’m sure you know, I don’t regularly “promote” credit cards — given our personal history, I know how all too easy it is to overspend and get into trouble with plastic and I don’t want to play a role, however small, in you getting yourself into that same situation.

However, what I love about the REDCard is that you have the choice to apply for either the credit card version or the debit card. We have had the debit card for five years and really love using it.

If you’re going to take advantage of this awesome promotion, here’s why you may want to select the debit card:

First, when you apply, I’ve been told that it is not a hard “pull” on your credit report, like with the credit card.

Second, as I said, given our personal history, we very carefully manage our use of credit. We never carry a balance, and we only have one card to make management more streamlined. Basically, I just don’t want another credit card — especially not a store card.

Third, I prefer the debit card since it takes it directly out of our checking account, which makes our budgeting more straight-forward. 95% of our Target purchases fall into one of two budget categories: Groceries (which, for us, includes cleaning supplies and personal care items, too) or clothing. With the debit card, it’s super easy to just categorize those transactions and keep all our tracking up-to-date.

Either way, it really is worth having a REDCard if you are a regular Target shopper. (In fact, even if your trips aren’t so frequent, it costs nothing to get the card and you’ll save 5% with it every single time you shop!)

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