Target: FREE Circo Toddler Socks

I hope to have all of the Target match-ups for you tomorrow, but I did want to go ahead and point out this awesome deal.

Target has a whole bunch of new coupons on their website, including $1 off any Circo apparel or accessory item.

If you’ve been reading KOAB for a while, you know that I advocate using coupons on the lowest priced items you can find, in order to increase your savings and minimize your out of pocket expense.

Well, here’s a sweet little deal to use with that new $1 off coupon. Grab a pair of Circo toddler socks, normally priced at just $1/pair, and get them for FREE!

We use these socks for our toddler and they are great. They are a bit thicker and “grippier” (that’s the technical term) than her other socks. And the price point has always been right – all the more so now.

Even if you don’t have a toddler in need of socks in your life, these are FREE. So the next time you’re at Target, go ahead and pick them up. You can toss them in your gift giving bin and add them to your next baby gift package. Or you can donate them to a children’s hospital, women’s shelter or other organization.

These Target apparel coupons often reach their print limit quickly, so I’d go ahead and print yours out now. You should be able to get two by using the back button on your browser – and more, if you have access to a second computer.


  1. That is such a great deal! I will be taking advantage. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks! we are always in need for more socks. where do they all go??:)

  3. Jennifer S says

    Thanks! I got 4 pairs of free socks today. Selection was a bit thin, but there was pink, which is always well received. 😉

    And I chime in with Tziporah: where DO all the socks go?!?

    • I was just starting to declutter our storage room and I found 5 pairs of toddler socks in the side pocket of a duffle bag. I don’t even remember putting them there! Glad you were able to get some socks for free 🙂

      • Jennifer S says

        Aha! Good find. I try to check all luggage pockets, but recently some of my daughter’s favorite stuffed animals almost got put away with a duffle bag after we went away for Shabbos. Luckily the bag felt suspiciously lumpy as I went to put it in the closet and the animals were rescued.

        My middle daughter, OTOH, doesn’t lose socks; she just wears holes in them unbelievably quickly.

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