Target | FREE Summer Beauty Bag!


The wait is over – you can now sign up for your FREE Target summer beauty bag via Facebook.

I know a lot of you LOVE this freebie as much as I do. It always comes with a cute bag, stuffed with tons of great sample beauty products and – my personal favorite – a booklet of high value Target store coupons!

Sign up for yours HERE.

Be warned: The app is moving slooooowly! Be patient – and check back in if you can’t get through right away.


  1. yay! i didn’t miss out this time! thank you 🙂

  2. How do they get the beauty bag to us?

  3. It won’t even let me click 🙁 and I didn’t get mine last time! Grr!

  4. Keep trying…the app stalled out on me this morning, but I just managed to get it!

  5. Oops. I see. My click didn’t go all the way through last time, so I never got to where they asked for my address. But I got my number this time! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. just signed up for it. Thanks!

  7. Leah – try again. I got one just now 8 hours later.

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