Target REDCard | Get 5% Off + FREE Shipping Online + 1% Donation to Your Kids’ Schools

Target REDCard

Are you a frequent Target shopper?

Do you have a Target REDCard?

If not, I wanted to take a second to tell you why I think this card is a real no-brainer for the frugal-minded shopper.

Now, first let me say that you’ve never seen me promote credit cards on my site. There’s a reason for that: While the perks are great, I know that credit cards are a contributor for many people to their struggles with good financial management.

Can credit cards be used “wisely”? Definitely.

But I also know how easily credit cards can exacerbate the financial mess of an already struggling family. Which is why you’ve often heard me say, “It’s not a deal if you can’t afford it. If you’re putting this deal on your credit card without a clear plan for how to pay off that card by the end of the month, STOP. Any savings will be eaten up by interest!”

Phew… now that I got that off my chest 😉

Let’s get back to the Target REDCard.

Yes, the REDCard can be a credit card. But you can also opt to get it as a debit card instead — in fact, that’s what my husband and I have done! And when you choose the debit card option, it has all the same perks as the credit card, including:

  • 5% off all in-store and online purchases, all the time
  • FREE shipping from – no minimum order (order something that costs $1, order something that weighs a ton – it all ships for free)
  • Extended return period — Regular Target shoppers get 90 days; Target REDCard shoppers get 120 days (this is a huge plus if you have baby gifts or holiday gifts to return!)
  • 1% cash back to your children’s school — Just designate the school of your choice and 1% of all your purchases (in store and online) will be donated to that institution
  • Pharmacy rewards — For every 5 prescriptions you fill at a Target pharmacy, you’ll get a 5% off reward, good for an entire day – again, both in store and online. And yes, this 5% can be stacked with your everyday 5% for using your Target REDCard.
  • No annual fee — on both the debit and the credit card

There is an online application process for the Target REDCard – the credit card gives immediate approval (assuming you’re approved) and the debit card typically requires a business day or two for bank confirmation.

As I’ve said, Frankie and I have used our Target REDCard (debit) for nearly five years and have definitely saved a lot on our Target purchases. We also get all of our prescriptions filled at Target, which is not only convenient – but also a nice money-saver as well.

Apply for the Target REDCard now so you’re ready to save during the big Target Black Friday sale. (You know me, shopping at home in PJs in the only way I do Black Friday).

Sign up for the Target REDCard Debit Card.


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