Target Ticket | New Streaming Video Program from Target, Sign Up to Get 10 Free Downloads

Target Ticket

Target has a brand new digital download service, called Target Ticket.

Right now, when you create an account, you will get 10 free downloads.

  • Organize your movies and TV shows into different lists
  • Set parental controls for the content your kids view
  • Rent or purchase movies and purchase TV shows
  • Activate devices and view content on any of them
  • Redeem Target coupons or gifts

You can also set up an UltraViolet account, which will allow you to stream and/or download your Target Ticket movies from a cloud to computers and compatible tablets or smartphones. It’s free to set up UltraViolet as well.

Once you set up your account, there will be a link in the top, on the middle, that says “Choose Your 10 Free Titles”. Click on that to get started with choosing your movies!

Thanks, Frankie! (Yes, my husband is the one who discovered this awesome freebie when he was at The Target Center last week for work!)


  1. Do you know how long we have to get the 10 free downloads?

    Is UltraViolet necessary to use Target Ticket?

    Thanks for sharing this great deal!

    • You don’t need to download UltraViolet to use TT, but I think it’s the only way to view downloads on devices other than computer you’re using at the time (hope that makes sense).

      I’m actually not sure how long we have to get them – I know it’s a limited time offer, while TT is still in beta. I haven’t downloaded any of my films, but I’m going to try to do one now, so I have it for my Kindle on a flight I’m taking soon. If I see anything in that process, I’ll let you know!

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