Reminder! Use Target’s New Cartwheel Mobile Savings Program App to Save Money

cartwheel app

Remember back in June when I told you that Target Cartwheel?

I haven’t shopped at Target in a while, but this past week, I’ve been there three times (feast or famine, I guess). I had a chance to really give Cartwheel a spin – and I gotta say, I love it!

If you’re not already using it, I just wanted to share the love – and encourage you to check it out. Even if you think you’re “not a coupon person”, Cartwheel is so easy to use and requires ZERO pre-planning.

But first you’ll need to grab the Cartwheel app in either GooglePlay or the App Store.

How to use Cartwheel:

  • Download the app and set up your Cartwheel Savings Account, using the app interface.
  • To find a savings offer, use the search function. I either look for offers at home, based on my shopping list — or, right in the store as I add items to my cart.
  • Click the offer you want – a red checkmark will appear in the corner of your selected cards. You can have up to 10 cards in your account at once, but you can unlock more by earning Cartwheel Badges (it’s easy to earn them – just shop as you normally would and they’ll sort of appear).
  • To redeem your savings, just show the barcode at the top of your My Cartwheel page to the cashier.

Here’s a real live example of how it worked for me last week. I set out to find a “Shabbat sweater” for my daughter, since all of her short-sleeve dresses are a bit too cool for this fall weather. I ended getting one by Cherokee, so I quickly searched for Cherokee – and voila! There was a 20% off offer on Toddler Girl’s Clothing!

As long as I was searching, I decided to plug in the rest of the items in my cart as well. Roughly 8 out of 10 items in my cart had a Cartwheel for it! 5% off Up & Up antibiotic ointment; 5% off eggs; 5% off Market Pantry bakery good (love that so many have a hechsher!); 20% off Circo Toddler Girl’s clothing (I got two pairs of leggings for her as well).

It took me less than 60 seconds of searching to save anywhere from 5% to 20% on most of my purchases – which worked out to be a total of $5.70 in savings. Total no brainer!

If you’re interested in more apps that will help you to save, you can check out my list of the Top 5 Money Saving Apps that I use. (I’m gonna need to add Cartwheel to the list!)

Have you used Cartwheel at Target yet? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Is the Cartwheel app a separate app from the regular Target app?

  2. Is there a way to use cartwheel without a smart phone? I don’t have one, so I was wondering if I could use this for online purchases or if I could check it before I go and maybe print something…?

  3. Red Goldfish says

    Chava, yes, you can do it online and print it, and take it with you when you shop. That’s what I do!

  4. Cartwheel app saved me $40 on my last target run ! 🙂

  5. What do you do to get it at home? Download onto computer?

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