Technical Issues: Comment Verifier

Hey guys. My husband says that the 184 spam comments I received overnight are a sign that my little blog is growing. I don’t know about that, but it sure is a pain to moderate all those spam comments! So, for the time being, I’ve added a comment verifier to the comment form. I’m sorry, as I know it’s a pain for you to leave comments. I hope that you will persevere through that extra step to share all about your great deals, awesome recipes and just generally encouraging words. I’ll turn it off again in a few days and hopefully by then, this spam bot will have moved on to a new new blog. Thanks for understanding!

Phew! I finally got a few moments to check into spam blocker plug-ins that don’t require comment verifier. I found one that is supposed to be reputable (wp-spamfree). I’ve got it installed now, so hopefully this will do the trick and I won’t have to bother you anymore with those annoying verifier forms.  Thanks for your patience with me as I figure this stuff out!

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