The best value of the day! (And no, it has nothing to do with Prime Day)

I’ve been up for a while, working to get all my ducks in a row for Prime Day, which begins this afternoon at 3 pm EST.

But before the deals start popping fast and furious, I wanted to share another amazing value with you.

In fact, I think you could call this THE BEST VALUE OF THE DAY. Yes, even better than the deals we’re going to get from Prime Day.

If you want to save money not only today  but EVERY DAY, for the rest of your life, then I have some exciting news for you.

Enrollment in my flagship online course, the Kosher Grocery Academy, is now open!

When you go through this six-week, self-paced, $97 course, you will learn to cut your grocery spending by 30% or more every single month.

Let’s say you’re spending about $1000 a month on your groceries. Thanks to KGA, you’ll cut that to $700 per month or less  which means you’ll earn $300 each month… or $3,600 per year… in savings.

That’s a whole lotta Amazon Prime Day deals you can splurge on! Or debt you can pay off; or retirement accounts you can fund; or vacations you can enjoy!

If you have any questions about KGA, please ch out the FAQ over here. Or shoot me an email – I’m happy to help!

I can’t wait for you to join us! (Imagine me clapping like Rachel and Pheobe when I see that you’re signed up!)

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