Kohl’s | The Big One Reversible Beach Towels – As low as $5.64 (You don’t need a Kohl’s Credit Card!)

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Kohl's The Big One

Anyone else need new beach towels?

We were at the pool one day last summer, and as I pulled our towels out of our bag, I was actually embarrassed…. they are bleached, fraying and two of them had enormous dog-bite-size holes in them (the puppy thought it was a game when we were drying him off after his bath!).

Even my normally oblivious kiddos told me, “Ima, we really need some new pool towels!”

Nothing like being shamed by your 10-year old to set you off in search of some new towels.

I checked my regular haunts: Macy’s, Amazon, Target, Costco… everything oversized was at least $15 and the reviews were mixed, at best.

I had heard great things about Kohl’s The Big One beach towels, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to get a good deal, since I don’t have (and don’t want to open) a Kohl’s credit card.

But after over an hour of Googling and no luck, I was getting desperate, so I decided to give it a shot. And I lucked out! We got a great deal — just $7 per towel. And now, you, too, can score an amazing deal — ever better than mine — if you need multiple towels.

If you only need one or two towels, you’ll pay a bit more, as there is a coupon code for spending $25 or more, which you won’t be able to take advantage of.

Here’s the deal I recommend if you need three or more towels:

Buy (3) The Big One Beach Towel – $9.99 Ea (Reg. $23.99)
– Use $10 off $25 code SERVICE10 at checkout
– Use your unique 15% off code (to get it, text SAVE07 to 56457)
– Select Free In-Store Pickup or get Free Shipping for orders over $75 (see more recent Kohl’s deals to help hit that threshold)
= $16.97 for all 3 towels or $5.64 per towel!

If you need/want less than 3 towels, your deal will look like this:

Buy (1) The Big One Beach Towel – $9.99 (Reg. $23.99)
– Use unique 15% off code (text SAVE07 to 56457 for code)
– Select Free In-Store Pickup or get Free Shipping for orders over $75
= $8.49 per towel

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