*Updated for 2020* The Guide to a Stress-Free Passover

Guide to a Stress-Free Passover

Cleaning, shopping, and cooking for Passover is a lot of work. There’s no way around it.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the days and weeks before hand stressed-out, overwhelmed, and even resentful.

That’s why I wrote The Kosher on a Budget Guide to a Stress-Free Passover.

The reality is that Pesach is a big job. (Some might even say HUGE.)

And yet, when you work yourself to the bone to prepare for it, you might be missing out on one of the most important aspects of the holiday: Celebrating our freedom from slavery.

You’re not supposed to work so hard in the days and weeks leading up to Passover that you are exhausted beyond measure, and can barely stay awake long enough to hear your little ones sing Mah Nishtanah.

Yet, that is what I hear time and again from my girlfriends.

And I get it. Because I used to feel the exact same way.

But over many years, I finally figured out a system for approaching the holiday calmly, strategically and with quiet confidence. From budgeting and cleaning to shopping and cooking, I don’t stress (or sweat!) Pesach anymore.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

The Kosher on a Budget Guide to a Stress-Free Passover will teach you how to follow my exact same approach.

As you know from KOAB, I try to offer all of my advice with a healthy side of humor and self-deprecation. The Guide to a Stress-Free Passover is no exception. I wrote it just like I would talk to a dear friend, blending tough love advice with lots of checklists, planners, pre-filled shopping lists and expense trackers – so you never have to worry what to do next.

Jewish families everywhere are loving The Guide to a Stress-Free Passover.

I downloaded your Guide and want to say you rocked it. Everything is concise and great information. Including recipes was a great bonus. – Orit
Mara, I’m in love with the guide! You thought of everything and it’s soooo pretty, too! Our budget is done and we’re ticking off all the boxes on the Cleaning Checklist! – Shira
You really thought of everything! I printed it all out, put it in a binder and have already gotten started on Chapter 1. I’m so excited to be more organized and more realistic this Pesach. No more stress! – Robin N.

I really love your Pesach guide, too.  It’s simple and thorough.  Makes Pesach seem doable when all the cleaning fits on one sheet! – Ilana

Table of Content Guide to Stress-Free Passover

During the busy weeks before Passover, I know that no one has time to read a novel.

That’s why I packed this short ebook with advice, guidance and 25-pages of printables to walk you through your stress-free Pesach prep, including:

  • Passover cleaning checklists (2 versions)
  • Passover menu planner
  • Passover seder planner
  • Mini Passover cookbook with my family’s tried-and-true, EASY (but crowd-pleasing) recipes
  • Passover expense tracker
  • Passover price book
  • And more!!!

Please note that currently the Guide to a Stress-Free Passover is only available digitally. A digital download is extremely economical for you. Since you will own the file, you may print as many copies of the printables as you need – and use them for this Passover and all your Passovers to come.

Click here to buy the Kosher on a Budget Guide to a Stress-Free Passover.

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