The Perfect Bourekas + Cookbook Giveaway (3 Winners)

Perfect Bourekas

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners: Lori A., Teri G., and Betty P.

I love dairy. And  I love carbs.

And oh my goodness, I love dairy and carbs together.

Which is why when I lived in Israel, my absolute favorite indulgence was a cheese bourekas from Angel Bakery.

It’s been five years since I lived in Israel – and I have yet to experience that same deliciousness. But this recipe, from the new cookbook, Jewish Traditional Cooking by Ruth Joseph, looks like it might just do the trick.

And wouldn’t it be perfect for Shavuot?!

US Jacket

If you’d like to see more recipes like these, you’re in luck! I am giving away three copies of Jewish Traditional Cooking: Over 150 Nostalgic & Contemporary Recipes (retail value: $29.95).

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

Required Entry: Leave a comment on this post with the dish you most like to cook for Shavuot (For eg., I like to make eggplant parmesan — and bourekas!) This is a required entry form, so make sure you do this first.

Optional Entry: Pin or repin this recipe on Pinterest — then let me know you have done so by leaving a separate comment.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, May 1st at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winners must be at least 18 years of age and live in the United States (sorry, folks!). They will be selected randomly and notified by email immediately. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the Jewish Traditional Cooking cookbook. The publisher will provide each of the three winners with their copy as well. I was not compensated in any other way to host this giveaway.

Photo Courtesy of the Jewish Traditional Cooking


  1. Cheesecake (any variety) and blintzes

  2. Lisa Beth Shifrin Bridges says

    I miss my grandma’s blintzs !

  3. michelle brodman says

    veggie lasagna!

  4. I like to make salmon. (lactose intolerant!)

  5. I’ve only been making Shavuot for two years, but my absolute favorite thing to make is cheesecake! Especially oreo cheesecake. Yum!

  6. I love to make cheesecake and strawberry soup

  7. We do eggplant parm for every holiday. On Shavuot specifically we always make a blintze souffle.

  8. Har Sinai Ice-Cream Cake

  9. Lisa Beth Shifrin Bridges says

    I pinned! This would so awesome to pass down to my daughter!

  10. I repinned the Boreka Recipe. I like making Baked ziti, Lasagna and homemade Cheesecake with cream cheese,sour cream and farmer cheese with a homemade whole wheat crust and topping it with cherries, blueberries or strawberries.

  11. leah gottlieb says

    i love to make cheesecake!

  12. Tortilla/taco soup. Easy, easily altered, can make a lot at once, and it’s deelish!

  13. f schipper says

    I love to make cheese cake

  14. Michelle says

    Oops…Blintz Souffle!

  15. Jessi Levy says

    The borek as sound perfect!

  16. esther ben-yshay says

    Pasta with alfredo or vodka sauce
    Cold yogurt soup with spinach and herbs

  17. Cheesecake! and grilled cheese, and tomato pie, and baked ziti.

  18. I love to make french onion soup!

  19. chocolate mint cheesecake

  20. ev Marcus-Wheeler says

    I eat dairy all the time but that doesn’t mean we don’t have special treats for Shavout, especially for dessert. A luscious dessert is triple chocolate cheese cake, we love strawberry romaine salad, and have a pasta we learned in Italy.

  21. I love Shavuos cooking ;it’s such a nice change of pace ! My favorite thing is cheesecake-I’m always trying new ones.

  22. Baked Ziti

  23. Yael Fay says

    Shavuot is my all-time FAVORITE holiday!!! I’m such a cheese-milk-DAIRY lover!!!
    My favorite recipe to make is my Bubbe’s cheese cake recipe. It’s not fluffy and light, but rather it’s super dense and creamy… Mouth is salivating just thinking about it!!
    I would love this cookbook, perfect for Shavuot!

  24. Pinned it!

  25. Sheri K says

    Let’s switch it up a bit and make cheesy potato pierogies with caramelized onions and tomato sauce. YUM in the TUM.

  26. Meira Lebedinsky says

    My fav thing to make for Shavuot is spinach pie!

  27. Cheese cake-dietetic of course.

  28. Marianne says

    veggie tacos!

  29. We love cheesecake, but I also love to make rhubarb crisp!

  30. Holly C says

    A dairy noodle kugel that a friend introduced me to and I absolutely LOVE.

  31. Yael Fay says

    Pinned! 🙂

  32. Pinned!

  33. Susan B. says

    Pinned this recipe too.

  34. I love to make cheese blintzes!!

  35. I love to make all kinds of cheesecake!

  36. Cheesecake, of course!!

  37. cheesecake and quiche!!

  38. loretta r says

    love cheesecake! .. well, maybe, I better make a healthy dinner, too!

  39. cheesecake.

  40. felicia says

    The bourekas look delicious! We’re thinking of making them for Shavuot.

  41. Larry Lennhoff says

    I assume my traditional ice cream sundae bar won’t count, so I’ll suggest my fried rice balls stuffed with cheese.

  42. Nicolette says

    I’d make cheese blintzes!

  43. pinned it 🙂

  44. Rochel R says

    we always have one Shavous lunch ‘breakfast’ style – eggs, pancakes or waffles, bagels and cream cheese. Its always a lot of fun and the kids love it.

  45. Homemade ice cream, Greek salad, Israeli style (no-bake) cheesecake, and frittata. Also, Coke for Coke floats to help keep the gentlemen awake. But those bourekas look mighty good…

  46. Melissa says

    Cheesecake and cirniki!

  47. I like to make vetable quiche, chedder cheese soup, and yogurt pie. Lots of dairy!

  48. MMM No bake Cheesecake!

  49. Repinned 🙂

  50. I like quiche!