Today my son made a gorgeous fruit salad.

{Warning: This has nothing to do keeping kosher, nor with doing it on a budget. I am writing this post because my kids support me in my crazy blogging dream – and when they ask me to do something, I like to say YES! if I can.}

Today my son made a gorgeous fruit salad for lunch.

He’s five and he asked if he could make a fruit salad. How can you say no to that, right??

So we washed grapes and an apple, and peeled a banana. He got out the cutting board and the really sharp knife (it’s not actually that sharp, but it wasn’t a butter knife, either.)

All by himself, he chopped the fruit into lovely little pieces and filled up a plastic orange bowl with his efforts. He got out four bowls, spoons and a way-too-big serving spoon to feed fruit salad to me, his sister and his daddy.

But before we dug in, he asked me:

Mommy, will you take a picture of my fruit salad?

Oh! I know! You should blog about this!

You should write, ‘Today my son made a gorgeous fruit salad for lunch.’

And so I am. I love that boy.

The End.


  1. So incredibly cute, touching, and heartwarming. The future looks pretty bright when we realize that kids like him will be the adults of tomorrow.

  2. lol! love his quote.

  3. So cute (and yum!)

    ok, did you get a DSLR? The pics look awesome!

  4. Please give that cutie 5 year old a BIG hug from Miss Elly!! Miss you.

  5. Some girl will be very lucky to have such a domesticated husband! I’ll start spreading the word…

  6. Clearly this child is the product of awesome parenting! Kudos

  7. That’s awesome!

  8. Adorable! Budding chef AND blogger!!!

  9. Very sweet! Great picture!

  10. Thank you guys for the sweet comments. He is so excited that I blogged about him. Cute boy!

    Shelley – I’m borrowing an SLR from my mom, but this was a lucky shot (in auto mode… I’m still not rocking the manual settings.)

  11. What a sweet little boy and a great looking salad too.

    I Recently saw a baby’s “onesie” that say “My whole life is blogged” 🙂


  12. This post brought a smile to my face. Your son has a future as a food blogger! His salad is beautiful, and the photo you took is PERFECT. What a lovely post!

  13. There is nothing to do but swoon. Eizeh matok! (Your son, I mean, but the salad too!)

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