Toys R Us: Buy 7 Board Games for Just $13!

Toys R Us has a seriously sweet deal on Hasbro board games this week. If you’ve been coupon shopping for a while, you may remember a similar deal from last year. For only $13 you can get 7 children’s board games. Thanks to Hip2Save for the heads up on this amazing opportunity to stock your gift bin! Here’s how the deal should work:

Buy (1) Chutes & Ladders $3 (sale price)
Buy (1) Candy Land $3 (sale price)
Buy (1) Ants in the Pants $5 (sale price)
Buy (1) Don’t Break the Ice $5 (sale price)
Buy (1) Memory $5 (sale price)
Buy (1) Hi Ho Cherrio $5 (sale price)
Buy (1) $9 Game (Trouble, Scrabble, or Monopoly)
Total = $35 (+ tax)
Get back a $10 Toys R U
s gift card (for spending $35, a promotion for the week of 11/7/10)
Submit for $12 in Mail-in Rebates
Pay just $13 for all 7 games– just $1.86 per game!


  1. You are my hero. I was just noting that our gift closet needs restocked.

  2. I know, isn’t the deal amazing?! I will definitely be stopping at TRU this week. Between this deal and some CVS 90% summer clearance finds, I should be good through the summer 🙂

  3. I totally missed the $10 for $35 deal – I only saw the gift card at the bottom of the circular that requires a $75 purchase. Also, I love the new site design! Now that I started posting on my own blog again, I added your logo to my site – I’m happy to spread the word about such a helpful site.

    • Congrats on getting back into blogging! Love your vintage looking Chanukah card! And thanks for the logo love — I appreciate it very much 🙂

  4. Actually, the code I grabbed for your site logo didn’t display the image. I changed the image format from .jpg to .png and it worked, though.

    • You’re speaking Greek to me ;-), but I’m glad it worked out. Is this something I should tell my designer/programmer about? Or is it unique to your blog (sorry I’m such a twit when it comes to this stuff!)

  5. Mastermind board games is also offering a $2 Off coupon to their Facebook fans =)

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