{Expired} Toys R Us: Wipes for Less than $.01 Each, Shipped

Update: Sorry, all. It looks like this deal has expired. The really good ones usually don’t last long :(.

I just got 3 megapacks of Huggies wipes for less than a penny per wipe! Now that’s what I call a stockup-ortunity!

It took me a few minutes, but if you have some time to spare this evening, this is an awesome deal on wipes that will be shipped straight to your door.

Here’s how it works:

Toys R Us has its 216-count Natural Care Huggies wipes on sale Buy 3 for $6.99. They are normally $6.99 each at Toys R Us (an inflated price, to be sure) – making this a savings of $13.98!

Instead of using the link above, click through Ebates to get 2% cash back (it’s only $.14, but hey – free money is free money).

To get your shipping free, too, you have two options:

1. You can select pick up at store for free shipping, only it appears that a lot of the stores aren’t included (none in Kansas City, for example), or

2. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial membership at Shop Runner. I was just introduced to Shop Runner by my friend Kelly from Kansas City Mamas. As she said, “It’s like Amazon Prime for the rest of the online retailers.”

With your free trial membership, you will get free 2-day shipping to your home from Toys R Us and 300 other online stores. You will need to enter your credit card number, which will be charged $79 if you don’t cancel your Shop Runner membership within the first 30 days.

The even better news is that if you still have your gift card left from the Hasbro toy deal in November, you can use that card to pay for your order — making every single last one of the wipes free!

Now go order your free wipes!

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  1. Thanks so much! I ended up getting the scented ones because the rest were out of stock. But still very excited and don’t even have to go to the store 😉

    • Even tho my order went through, I shortly after got a message that the wipes are backordered. Fortunately, I don’t need them imminently. I seem to be having bad juju with ordering online lately 😉 Very glad you got them!

  2. It shows up as 1 package for 6.99 for me.

  3. It never expired because it was never a true sale. I called them tonight about it because my order was canceled. They said it was a problem with their website and never should have been there.

    • Zip – I just this minute got confirmation that my order of wipes shipped. I think in the world of online deals, it really is random. If I had to choose between getting these wipes and getting the camera at B&N, I obviously would have picked the half-off Canon. You are right, that this was a glitch – it looks like it was supposed to be the tubs, not the packages; but given that my order was shipped, I guess for whatever reason, they honored some and not others.

      • I am glad you got the wipes. I just wish they would have sent out an email why it was canceled. I did get a good deal on diapers at amazon, so that made my day, 10cents per diaper. thanks for letting us know about the deals there. I actually didn’t have to pay for it at all because I had a gift card from swag bucks! 🙂

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