Use Your Swagbucks to Help Tornado & Flood Victims

After raising more than $20,000 through Swagbuck donations for disaster relief in Japan, Swagbucks is now turning its attention to the overwhelming needs in the Southeastern U.S.

Through the end of May, Swag Buck donations can be made in any amount – even as small as just 5 SBs – for a donation to the United Way of Western Alabama. United Way has committed to donating 100% of the funds to tornado relief. You can donate your Swag Bucks using this link.

Have you been avoiding the Swagbucks craze? Trust me – it’s not a passing fad. But even if you just sign up for a Swagbucks account to get the free 30 SBs for signing up, you can turn around and donate them! (Of course, I think once you sign up, you will end up loving Swagbucks as much as I do.)

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