Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 1

Moadim l’Simcha!

I am having SO much fun “visiting” your sukkot! Thank you for generously sharing them with me and all of the KOAB readers.

Kicking things off in my hometown of Overland Park, KS, this lovely sukkah belongs to my friend Tamara. Just look at that lush green schach! Makes me rethink our bamboo rolls…

Heading across the state to St. Louis, Misouri, this image of their community sukkah comes courtesy of Kate. I love how they tied the front panels together to make those beautiful doors. So elegant and inviting!

Heading across the country to Baltimore, MD, Chana shared these images of her beautiful wood sukkah – which is actually a permanent structure in her backyard. How neat! I bet that saves a lot of time come Sukkot!

Jumping up north to Fairlawn, NJ, this sukkah belongs to Leslie. I love the grapes and faux fall foliage – I’m going to have to get some of that for next year.

Just a short drive away comes this Martha Stewart-styled sukkah in West Hempstead, NY from my virtual friend Shelley. She MADE that chandelier herself, for less than $5. Amazing!

You’ll need your passports for our last stop on today’s tour… since we’re heading to Nigeria, where Haya sent in these amazing pictures from the Chabad sukkah in Lagos. (Seriously, let’s just take a moment to absorb how cool a sukkah in Nigeria is…)

That concludes our around-the-world sukkah tour for today. Did you recognize any of these sukkot? Did you get any great ideas for your sukkot for next year?

Be sure to tune in again tomorrow when I’ll have more sukkot from readers in North America and Israel. There’s still time to link up to your sukkah – and remember one lucky sukkah linker-upper will win a $10 door prize.


  1. Will Shelley provide a how-to on that awesome chandelier, please?

  2. I guess I can’t just hide with my glue gun and duct tape, eh?

    I will try and put something together after Yom Tov!

    (Mine was that cheap [not including the light] because I purchased things on Christmas clearance….) I assume if you were paying retail it shouldn’t cost more than $20 or so!

  3. Lol, I was also going to ask for the how-to. It looks beautiful!

  4. Can you share how Shelley connected the ornaments to the light? I got christmas ornaments at the dollar store last year and so I’m ready to make the chandelier but want to know what material to use to connect them that I can safely hang from a flourescent light. Any info? Thanks!

  5. Leah Schnitzler says

    I need to know how to make this chandelier from West Hempstead, NY from your virtual friend Shelley.

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