Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 2

Welcome back to the worldwide sukkah tour! You can visit Part 1 of the tour here.

First up, I want to highlight the wonderful bloggers who linked up with pictures of their sukkot! Thanks guys.

Here is Organized Jewish Home‘s absolutely stunning fabric sukkah walls – are those not amazing?

My friend Dara, who blogs at Not In Jersey, shared these pictures of her sukkah – which I was fortunate enough to eat a meal in this chag!

I got to discover a new blog thanks to this link up, too! Here is Orieyenta‘s pretty sukkah, with her pretty daughter!

¬†Next up is Coupon Fairie‘s sukkah. I love getting to see the construction process!

And finally, here’s the sukkah of My Shtub, whom I was fortunate enough to get to meet briefly last month in Baltimore. I love everything Sheva does, but this quote really spoke to me (and made me feel better about the fact that 90% of our decorations have fallen off our sukkah).

We do not decorate our temporary home because the mitzvah itself is so beautiful that adding more is not needed.

I’ve got to run out ot pick up my kids from their half-day of school, but even if I have to bribe them with television and junk food, I promise to post the final part of this wonderful sukkah tour later this afternoon before chag.

In the meantime, have you ‘visited’ my sukkah yet?

Chag Sameach!


  1. Thanks for your sweet words Mara. These have been so fun to look at I can not believe some of the creativity . Hope you had a wonderful Chag!

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