Vistaprint | 6 FREEBIES for Just $1.98 Each, Shipped

Vistaprint is currently offering 6 FREE products: Business Cards / Mommy Cards, Photo Calendars, Rubber Stamps, Ceramic Mugs, T-Shirts, and Tote Bags

You do pay shipping & handling on them – but you can save on your costs by making one item, then coming back here – clicking on the FREE Products Link again and making your next one – etc.

That way shipping costs will be combined and you’ll get all your FREE products.

If you do it this way, your combined shipping is around $11.91 for all six items, or $1.98 each.

I made up some personalized gifts for my kids afikomen presents last year – and used the other items toward teacher’s gifts. And while Hanukkah is a ways off – check out the stamp option I found: A dreidle! I love it. (Although is it just me or does that hey look an awful lot like a chet?)

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  1. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

    Do you know how to make this work if I already have a calendar, business cards etc. in my portfolio or in my cart? I was working on some things and almost ordered before checking KOAB. So glad I didn’t! Thanks in advance for any ideas.

    • That is a good question. I guess it will depend on whether the products you made qualify under the free products links. Sometimes there is an upcharge for “add-on” features. Like the stamp – the free ones come with black ink; for red or blue, there’s an upcharge. Try going thru the link on the post and seeing (a) if the item is still in your cart and (b) if you can check out with it for free. That’s my best idea – sorry I can’t be of more help.

      • Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

        I worked, Mara. I was able to open your link to the freebies, then open my portfolio. I had to make a change (change it back of course) and then save it again. I did this for each item and they were all free! I also used Vistaprint through ShopatHome, so I saved 50% off my order, which included Bar Mitzvah invitations, checks, etc, and got free shipping. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Free products link is wrong!

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