Welcome to KOAB’s 1st Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop!

Sukkah Hop picture

Chag Sameach! Bruchim Ha’Baim! I am so excited to invite you into our sukkah!

The frame, cloth walls and half the s’chach are prefab, purchased several years ago in Israel. The rest of our sukkah is homemade (or homegrown, in the case of the branches) with a ton of love. At first, I wanted to try decorating around a design theme. But then I realized that I’m just not that coordinated, and so I went with the “Anything Goes!” theme.

We’ve got a little Mother Earth, including the cut-down-from-our-backyard-earlier-today s’chach and my five year old’s choice of pine cones for our table top “vignette”.

We’ve got a little Zionism, with our Israeli flags and Bruchim Ha’Baim (Welcome) banner, which I don’t think you can see in the pictures, unfortunately.

And, of course, we’ve got plenty of child-created art, including the painted-on sukkah walls, the laminated art projects from last year, and the predictable-but-ever popular paper chains.

I’m also really loving our sukkah lighting, all of which was purchased at Target on clearance, and gives everything a nice, romantic glow. (The glow was totally washed out by the flash, I’ve now realized. So just imagine it all glowy, please!)

sukkah decorations

Well, that’s it — our sweet and simple sukkah, in which I’m looking forward to sharing many wonderful meals and delightful conversations with family and friends over the next nine days.

And now, without further adieu, I can’t wait to see your sukkot!!! If you have a blog, please link up to a post about your sukkah. Be sure to include the link to the specific post, and not your blog’s general URL.  If you don’t have a blog, you are still more than welcome to join the fun. Please just leave a comment with a link to where we can go to see your picture(s), such as Flickr or photobucket.

Thank you SO MUCH for joining me! And chag sameach!


  1. I have a feeling I might not make it back to the computer after this point (there, I think my to-do list denial just evaporated), so I wanted to let you know I’ll definitely link up on chol hamoed. I’m so envious of that beautiful green skhakh!

  2. The Synagogue Sukkah is from Charleston – really beautiful and quite old Synagogue that Hetty and I have visited at least twice.

  3. Great to see another Kansas City sukkah! Thanks for your *entire* blog and can’t wait to meet you soon. Moadim L’simcha!

    • Thanks so much for linking up, Leigh Ann! Beautiful post on your blog (couldn’t figure out how to comment as I have none of those blog formats, sorry)! Sleeping baby in the sukkah is definitely my favorite.

  4. I always love photos of sukkot! Such a fun holiday, if you ignore the rain and the bringing in and out of food and the humidity and the set up and…

    I already sent my photo to G6. Can you send some of these posts to JPIX? Thanks!


    • Thanks for visiting, Leora! I didn’t know about JPIX, but I will definitely check that out and send my pictures. I know the chag is almost over (mercifully so?), but you are more than welcome to link up a picture of your pretty sukkah on my Mr. Linky as welcome.

  5. So sorry I missed this! Hope you do it again next year! Thanks for stopping by my blog… I look forward to exploring yours.

  6. What a lovely succah. A good budget decoration is last year’s Jewish calendar. They usually have great pictures.

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