What Deals to Look for at the Post-Holiday Clearance Sales

Starting today, all of your favorite stores will be having post-Christmas clearance.

While most KOAB readers probably aren’t looking for cheap deals on trees, there are a lot of great bargains to be had.

Here’s a running list of the items that I suggest you keep an eye out for:

Christmas lights – We got ours three years ago at Target for 75% off and use them every fall in our sukkah. If you want to make a truly stunning sukkah decoration, you can even pick up some silver and blue ornaments for cheap.

Baking goods – Everything from butter to cake mixes to flour will be on clearance. Check end caps at your grocery stores, as well as Target. You should be able to save 50% or more. Don’t forget to look for coupons in the KOAB Coupon Database to bolster your savings even more. This is THE time for deals on baking goods, so don’t miss this opportunity to stock your pantry for cheap.

Wrapping paper, gift bags and ribbon – There will be plenty of neutral-enough options at a fraction of the regular price. This past year, all of the birthday gifts we gave at class parties were placed in oversized green gift bags I picked up for $.25 a piece at Target.

Storage containers – If you don’t mind red or green Rubbermaids, you should be able to get them for 50% off or more.

Toys – I love the post-holiday sales on Toys at Target, but you will also be able to find deals at Walmart, Kohls, and more. This is the best time to stock your gift closet for the coming year. At Target, most of the marked down toys will be on end-caps, but don’t forget to check the aisles, too. Often there are treasures marked in with the regularly priced merchandise. You’re looking for the tell-tale red clearance tag.

Household Goods & Paper Supplies – Look for paper towels, napkins, paper plates and cups, glad wrap, tinfoil and Ziplock bags with “holiday” themes. This may mean they are red and green, or they may have snowflakes or trees on them. Frankly, if it’s 75% off and will cover/store my food, I’m good with a little theme! I like to pick up the Gladware so when I bring food to Shabbat hosts, or cook for new moms, I don’t have to worry about getting back my good Tupperware.

“Holiday” Food & Beverage – In addition to baking supplies, you can also score deals on everything form candy to coffee (and creamer) to cereal. Basically any  grocery items that have been labeled or stocked as a holiday item will go on clearance starting today.

Personal Care & Baby – I can’t be the only one who noticed all those Santa-themed diapers. If you don’t mind putting them on your babe’s bum, there will no doubt be some nice savings this week and next. Be sure to scope out the rest of the personal care aisles, too – everything from body wash gift sets to lipbalm to handsoap may be marked down. Last year we scored hand soap pump with a snowflake label. At $.50 per bottle, I was good with it.

Let us know if you find any other great clearance items. Please feel free to send me pictures to share on the blog as well.


  1. I got some cute penguin ornaments (and a few other ornaments) for my front entry decor. (winter themed!)

  2. Target: Got USB Christmas trees for the 4 office assistants for next year (marked down to $2.99 each). Also got white tissue paper for half off.

  3. Your faves, cvs and target have amazing clearance in makeup, nailpolish (5 full size bottles – $1) creams, hair items, etc…they can be repackaged for great gifts or party favor bags. (I am mom of 3 teen daughters 🙂

  4. I bought a king size white flannel sheet set for $17.94 – $2 Target coupon. They had holiday packaging and were with all the holiday motif ones.

  5. The red Rubbermaid or Gladware containers are great to remind the family they are fleshig. I buy them now to save for Pesach.

  6. Last year my shalach manos containers were purchased at 75% off at Walmart. I just looked like a red cookie container. Nothing holiday themed at all.

  7. Went to shoprite today hoping to score some containers, but they had NOTHING – NOT EVEN ONE!

  8. I found some good deals at Target and Walmart today. My Walmart even had a few rolls of nice heavy weight Hanukkah wrapping paper in the clearance section. However, my all time favorite find at Walmart today was sets of Piggy Paint nail polish (http://www.piggypaint.com/) for 50% off. The kits were a good price too start with. I’ve never seen this polish anywhere other than high end independent toy stores. I’ve got two little girls who love to have their nails painted and I hate using regular stuff because they both inevitably put their fingers in their mouths. They had 2 different sets. I bought one for each of my girls and a few of the bigger sets (3 little bottles of different colors, nail file, brush and remover) for my gift stash.

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