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I’m trying to figure out my “editorial schedule” for Kosher on a Budget for the rest of the month. With all the three-day chagim, it’s tricky. In order to make sure I’m really maximizing my time and your time, I’d love to take your pulse on post topics. If you could take 5 seconds to click on the above poll, I’d really appreciate it!

You can select multiple options, and please feel free to expand on your answers in the comments section. This blog is about YOU. So, please tell me how I can better help you! Thank you!


  1. Hey Mara,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to do a survey or a poll…I have always wondered what others pay for their kosher meat across the U.S. Is mine REALLY that expensive or are others paying more. I practically cry everytime I read on another blog about ground beef for $1.99/lb or boneless chicken breast at .99 a pound.

    Call me curious.

    Loving everything you are posting!

    • That’s a great idea, Amanda. I will work on that… probably for after YK. Thanks so much for all your positive feedback. I love reading a comment from you – always makes my day 🙂

  2. Would love your (mental) price book. If you ever have a chance to write down commonly bought items (specifically groceries)- I would appreciate a price point. Thank you for starting this blog – I really love it and it keeps me inspired. Meir even told a couple ladies we work with how I follow it and they should ask me about it. I keep passing it on. I feel empowered to save money instead of embarrassed.

    • I know, I know about that price book… I’ll tell you, one of my reservations is that prices in KS are obviously not comparable to prices in FL (for example)… and I’ve been couponing for a lot longer… and my family eats different foods and in different amounts… I don’t know, I don’t want to create a ‘competitive’ vibe, nor do I want people in FL thinking $.50 is a good price for a lemon! Thoughts?

      I’m so psyched to know you’re spreading the word about my blog, and even moreso that you feel empowered to save money! How awesome is that?! Go, Becca!

  3. Mara,

    I have a mental price book too. I know I need to write one down one day to get a better grasp on everything. I am often shocked when I see what people in CA or other parts of the country pay for produce…compared to in CT. Shocked because if I could ever find produce at those prices here I would fall over backwards and buy out the store. The mental price book has helped me though to get a grasp on what is a good price in my area. So while I may wish that my strawberries were as cheap as in CA, when I am getting a good deal here in CT I now know it.

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