What Happened to Golden West Glatt?

I find their tagline so ironic now.

Last August, I wrote a post singing the praises of Golden West Glatt.

We had discovered the online glatt kosher beef company a year earlier and had come to absolutely ADORE them.

Their meat was AMAZING. Seriously, hands down, the.best.beef I’ve ever had. Whether it was their extra lean hamburgers, their perfectly rippled cholent meat, or their succulent skirt steaks, all of their cuts were PERFECT.

Our love affair was further buttressed by Golden West’s outstanding service and extremely reasonable shipping.

But then late this fall, Golden West stopped “returning my phone calls” – was our romance on the rocks?! Their website hosted a mysterious message about “restocking”. It promised they’d be back soon.

So I waited. And waited. But they never returned.

Finally, a few months ago, the website disappeared all together.

My carnivorous concerns were realized: Golden West Glatt had closed its doors.

So what happened to the glatt kosher meat company we all loved? I’ve heard a number of rumors about why they closing. But since I have no first-hand information, I really can’t speculate.

I can say that my whole family misses their meat. My five year-old asks, wistfully, “Is this hamburger from Denver?” and the glares at his bun, dejected, when I tell him it’s not.

The search for another source of glatt kosher meat is on! I have yet to encounter that melt-in-your-mouth taste from any other butcher, but our local Costco has fortunately started to carry Solomon’s.

It’s not (nearly) as good as GWG, but given that Costco is less than a 10 minute drive, it’s a decent stand-in.

Were you a Golden West Glatt fan? Are you, too, mourning their closing? What have you found to replace your Golden West orders?


  1. Kimberly says

    I knew they closed b/c the mashgiach works at A.D. Rosenblatts in KS. Its sad.

  2. I never tried olden West, but the best kosher meat I have ever had comes from Griller’s Pride in Atlanta. They have a tremendous selection of beef, poultry, duck and lamb (unreal lamb chops!) as well as South African sausages and biltong (jerkey). We ordered from them when we lived in Atlanta, and still organize large shipments with friends and family now that we have moved to New York State. Their prices, quality and selection are far better than what we can get locally ($9 lb for 1st cut brisket, 7.79 for deckel, which makes awesome barbecue briskekt!)

    Their website is
    You won’t regret trying Griller’s Pride.

    • Thank you both so much for the recommendation. I look forward to trying them out!

      • We ordered their meat for our 4th of July BBQ – very good! Thanks again for the recommendation. Good service, too. 🙂

  3. I agree with DJL – we get Griller’s Pride delivery from Atlanta to Asheville about every 6 weeks – they deliver all over the southeast but will do special deliveries elsewhere. I’m not a huge fan of their steak – got it only a few times when my parents were visiting – but love their ground beef, stew meat, brisket (amazing!) and the fajita steak. Also love.love.love their biltong chicken sausages! (Shifra likes their biltong beef sausages….) Also we love the Chai chicken from Canada.

    • Where can I buy Chai chicken in US?
      Also is grillers pride hormone and antibiotics free?
      Is is bet Yosef. Thank you

  4. We also loved their meat. I agree it was the best I ever had, too. We’re also so bummed about them going out of business. We’ve ordered from other online and local butchers, but none can compare.

  5. I loved ordering from there. I would love to find a new place.

  6. Tziporah says

    Our family liked them also. At least costco now carries meat!

  7. I used to blog for Golden West so I would get their meat for free and I really miss it! They have never told me what happened or officially told my why they stopped. Now that their website is down my meat posts are “lost” – but I have posted a few on my blog – including 2 that never got published on their site as I wrote them around the time they were closing down.

    • Wow- that is really disappointing that they didn’t even let you know what was going on. I remember when you started blogging for them – loved your recipes! Thanks for commenting.

  8. I just got an email from Grow and Behold today that they now carry Glatt kosher pastured raised beef! http://www.growandbehold.com/ Can’t wait to try some!

  9. I miss them! I too called, wrote letters etc. I have been very curious as to why. Good prices and excellent quality try http://www.kohnskosher.com/ An unassuming website but the meat is wonderful and it is award winning (seriously) pastrami. They will also ship anything they sell even if its not on the website. You can just add to the order- NY Pizza, frozen foods etc.

  10. We also used to get our meat from Golden West until they disappeared. We now get our meat from New York Kosher Steaks and think their meat is even better. Disclaimer — it’s regular kosher, not glatt, so if you need glatt then you’re out of luck.

  11. It looks like they were involved in multiple lawsuits with Noah’s. http://www.courts.state.ny.us/Reporter/pdfs/2011/2011_31333.pdf suggests that Noah’s sued them in both NY and MN, I’m guessing the MN legislation took them down.

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