What I love about Halloween

jewish halloween

Sounds a little apicorus, doesn’t it?

Well before you freak out on me, don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post about trick-or-treating. But just because we don’t celebrate Halloween, doesn’t mean that I can’t experience a little (post) Halloween appreciation.

You see, the day AFTER Halloween is a great day to …

Buy costumes, at deep discounts, which you can put to good use for Purim in a few months. Or just to stock your dress-up bins. The Ninja costume I gave my 7-year old for Chanukah last year is still a favorite — in fact, just today he wore it while playing spies. That well-loved costume cost me $2.50 at CVS the day after Halloween. Can’t beat it!

If you want to pick up some clearance costumes, mark your calendar for November 1st. I like to hit up the drugstores and Target. For littler ones, Children’s Place and Old Navy are usually good sources for $5 or less.

Buy candy for cheap. Pick them up on clearance at Target, the grocery store, or CVS, Walgreens or Rite-Aid. And don’t forget about the great candy coupons out right now that will further sweeten the deal. (Print them now if you think you may want them, as they will be gone come November 1st.)

Buy pumpkins, for pennies on the pound. Find them clearanced at the grocery store or head out to the pumpkin patch. Most patches are closed by November 1st, but a few stay open for Dias de los Muertos, so you may still be able to pick up a haul of pumpkins for practically  nothing. Bring them home, wash them, bake them, freeze them … and enjoy pumpkiny goodness all winter long. This is my very favorite tutorial on how to cook pumpkin, courtesy of MoneySavingMom.com (posted last fall).

Do you have any plans for some post-Halloween deal shopping? If you’ve got a favorite pumpkin recipe, hang on to it, because NEXT Friday’s KOAB recipe exchange will be all about pumpkin!

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  1. I saw some great Halloween cookie cutters and other baking things at Walmart. Most of them are things that are not necessarily Halloween (leaves, moons, etc). I’m already planning my walmart run for Nov 1!

  2. I love buying costumes for Purim after Halloween – we’re already discussing what we want to be for Purim, which is fun for the kids to think about!

  3. Just got $5 costume for my daughter!

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