What Was Your Biggest #NotKosheronaBudget Moment This Week?

#notkosheronabudgetYou guys know that I try to be super careful about our family’s budgeting. We spend our money on paper first — and then we spend it for real, on purpose.

Gone of the days of turning around at the end of the month and wondering, “Where’d all my *$&^ money go???!!”

But sometimes. Sometimes. You just can’t help it.

What you’re looking at here, folks, is a $6.75 bottle of water that I purchased last night at a Cavs basketball game.

My boys were so thirsty. And we couldn’t find a drinking fountain anywhere. Believe me, we looked!

At least it was ICE cold water. But sheesh, that was painful. Pain.full.

I did make the kids get two straws so they could at least share it. Shared germs were better than another $6.75, I reckoned.

And there you have it: My SO #notkosheronabudget moment.

Anyone else have one of them this week? Come on – I can’t be the only one!



  1. Argh! Yes, I have one. I needed Garam Marsala and Pumpkin Pie Spice (marked). I was in Whole Foods for my son’s ice cream (only place I’ve found that sells what he can eat and I have to spoil him because he is coming home for Thanksgiving – sadly, Mara, Avi will not be home). So I bought the spices at Whole Foods. When I had to go to the regular grocery store, there was a kosher brand for $3 dollars less. I hope I bought some excellent Garam Marsala for what I paid!!

    • Oh my gosh! WE HAVE SO DONE THIS! With garam masala, too. And paprika (ehem, just this week in fact!) I’m sorry Avi isn’t come home. Are you going to be able to go back to see him soon? xo

  2. Shouldn’t it be called a “KosherWithoutABudget” moment? We know you’d never be “NotKosher,” with or without a budget!

    • 🙂 You are probably right, Diane. It’s come to be in my house, then whenever one of us do something especially thrifty we call it being “kosheronabudget”. Like it’s a one-word adjective. Ha!

    • Shouldn’t it be called a “KosherWithoutABudget” moment? We know you’d never be “NotKosher,” with or without a budget!

  3. Funny. I’ve done that before. At this point my kids are used to my bringing a water bottle to Wrigley field. I’ll pay for the snacks out of the house but buying water just irks me to no end.

    • Yeah – sadly they wouldn’t let us bring in the water bottles! 🙁 I was happy at least that they asked for water, not soda!

      • I’ve never had a problem bringing an empty water bottle to baseball games. Of course that does you no good if you can’t find a fountain to fill up.

        • We bring bottles (and even food) into baseball games all the time. For some reason the security at the basketball game was more strict. Oh well!

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