Whole Foods: Pint of Organic Blueberries Just $1.99, Friday Only

Tomorrow only, pick up a pint of organic blueberries at Whole Foods for just $1.99! That’s an awesome price – especially on one of “dirty dozen” fruits.

This is a national sale, so your store should be participating!

The rest of this week’s Whole Foods deals are coming soon.




  1. caroline says:

    hmmm, can you stack that with the 50 cent coupon currently available (via facebook) from signing up for Driscoll’s emails?

    • Yes, if they’re Driscoll berries. But I have a feeling they are not. (Sorry it took me so long to reply!)

  2. I got 5 pints! And my daughter, who has been on a food strike all week, is snarfing them! 4 boxes are headed for the freezer. I’m so glad I was able to catch this sale.

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