Why I Love (the Day After) Halloween

Why I Love (The Day After) Halloween

Call me ghoulish, but I really love (the day after) Halloween.

Why is November 1st one of my favorite days of the year?

Because the sales are AWESOME!

  • Costumes are typically 50 – 90% off. Target has them at 50% off right after Halloween, and they usually go down to 75% off a few days later. I’ve also scored great costume deals at CVS ($2.50 for a Ninja costume that five years later is *still* in our dress-up bin). Old Navy and Children’s Place usually have adorable baby costumes for $5 or less. Save these finds for Purim or give them as gifts for Chanukah.
  • Candy is cheap, cheap, cheap after Halloween. And if you’ve printed all the candy coupons that have been out lately, you can probably even get some bags for FREE. Target, CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid are my favorite sources, but keep your eyes peeled for bargains at the grocery store, too!
  • Fresh pumpkins will be clearanced at the grocery store for pennies on the dollar. Wash them, bake them, freeze them … and enjoy some delicious pumpkin all winter long. I love it in soup, cookies or my favorite pumpkin bread/muffins.

In addition, be on the lookout for clearance on anything that is remotely Halloween themed – like orange napkins or paper towels with pumpkins on them. I’ve even seen Oreos with orange stuffing at Target for 90% off!

What about you? Do you love the day after Halloween, too? Will you be hitting the stores tomorrow or later this week?

This post originally appeared in 2011. I still love the day-after Halloween sales!


  1. kmart already has them for 50% off today.

  2. i’ll be at target tomorrow!
    I just realized Simon’s purim costume (saved from Zachary) is not the size I thought it was and will likely be too small. so he needs one too!

  3. Lowe’s is having some great clearance of Halloween items–order online and pick up in your local store (no shipping!)–anybody need strands of lights for your sukkah? For a dollar? http://www.swaggrabber.com/online/hotdeals/lowes-halloween-decorations-75-off-free-in-store-pick-up

  4. I would love to hear tips about freezing pumpkins ….

  5. I have a question about pumpkins too. Can you use the ones sold for jack-o-laterns to cook with? I always thought you had to buy pie pumpkins for that.

  6. Don’t forget to save those pumpkin napkins/decorations for Sukkot next year!

  7. When I’m in the stores the days right before Halloween I make a mental not of the paper products they have so I can head out on 11/1 to get what I want at a big discount.

    This year I scored the Halloween-themed Puffs tissues for about $0.50 ea and it doesn’t matter to me because I have a tissue holder that covers the box anyway!

    Also picked up orange, white and green decorator sugars for baking.

    And, this year since we’re heading out on vacation soon I grabbed some glow sticks and bracelets for $0.25 so my daughter can play with them at night.

  8. Last year I scored a ton of boxes of Cliff bars, fruit roll ups, cheese balls and other snacks for at least 50% off. I didn’t care if they were ghoulish brownie cliff bars. It is so rare that I let my kids eat all that junk that the supply lasted months and months.

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