Wow! $1 off Cheese Coupon *Quick*

coupon for kosher cheese

I may just have stumbled across the holy grail in food coupons — a coupon for kosher cheese!

$1 off any 2 pounds of cheese – no limit on manufacturer. So, you just might be able to use this for Miller’s, etc. at your local grocery stores! The coupon verbiage does say ‘Valid Only at Participating Retailers’ so YMMV (your mileage may vary).

When you click on this link here, type in the zip code 84311 in the upper left zip code box and the cheese coupon should come up right away. I’m guessing this coupon probably won’t be around for long, so if you think you may want it, print it now.

Thanks, Healthy Life Deals!


  1. The cheese coupon is only good in Utah and Idaho…:(

    • Oh no! And I found it from a blogger in St. Louis too. 🙁 Not too many kosher cheese buyers in Utah and Idaho I’d imagine. Thanks, Selena.

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