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This is sponsored post on behalf of Wrapunzel. While the content in this post is promotional in nature, I wanted to say that I have gotten to know the Wrapunzel team and am so impressed by them – by their passion, integrity and product! Learn more about sponsored posts from my Disclosure Statement.

Known as the ‘crazy tichel ladies’ of their respective cities of Chicago and Baltimore, Rivka Malka Perlman and Andrea Grinberg have long been frugal masters of dressing up scarves they found at thrift stores into gorgeous head wraps.

Today they are taking their scarf-tying creativity to a whole new level with their own online store –Wrapunzel. Not only do their prices on new scarves rival their bargain finds at Goodwill, but Wrapunzel also has a series of online tutorials that have taught women all over the world the art of wrapping and tying a tichel.

Here is one of Wrapunzel’s most popular videos, demonstrating how to tie a pashmina scarf into a gorgeous head wrap.

If you’d like to give it a try, be sure to check out Wrapunzels’ collection of $10 soft pashmina tichles.

You may also want to pick up a tichel shaper for just $18. As Andrea explained to me, “No matter how thick or thin your hair is, tichel shapers are those boubous/volumizers that give you a beautiful look of lots ozhair at the back!”

Personally, I love the simplicity of just a bandana-style Israeli tichel covering, but this tutorial is gorgeous! (I could never pull this off, but I love how it looks — it reminds me of a gorgeous Belgian woman who used to daven at Yakar in Jersualem a million moons ago!)

Wrapunzel carries Israeli tichels for just $5 each!

Even better, for the next two weeks, KOAB readers can enjoy 10% off their Wrapunzel order when they use the coupon code WELOVEKOAB at checkout. But hurry – because this exclusive code ends on September 24th.

I know we’re all about the sales and coupon codes here at KOAB, but I was so fascinated by Andrea’s and Rivka’s story that I asked them to tell me a little bit more about themselves – and how they carved out this unique niche for themselves.


In December 2011, Rivka Malka started a personal blog to share about her family’s values, Judaism, relationships, and yes, tichel tying!  Across the country, in the same month, Andrea also started a blog about tichel tying, Judaism, and her personal journey.

The two ladies both loved sharing and building bridges through their work online, but they had never even met!  One day, Andrea’s youtube video linked up to one of Rivka Malka’s.  She watched it and exclaimed “Who is this woman?!”, wrote to her, and the rest is history.

Both ladies continued making videos, blogging, and writing to each other.  Often when mentioned in forums and online discussions, their names were mentioned together.  A year later, Rivka Malka was focusing most of her online energy on doing Jewish education/outreach.  Andrea had by then had started another blog devoted only to head covering, called Wrapunzel. She and her husband Yonatan decided to move to Baltimore for his doctorate degree, and the perfect apartment opened up just around corner from the Perlmans.  By then, both women had dreams of opening up a tichel store – the Perlmans had even started designing a website!

Andrea also knew it was the next step for her online community, because the most asked question whenever she made a tutorial video was “Where can I get get a scarf like that?” She says, “It was sometimes difficult for the viewers, because you can’t just go into a store and buy a pretty scarf to wear on your head.  Often it’s not the right size or material.  I felt like I was teaching a much-needed technique, but the ladies weren’t able to find the essential tools to do it themselves! Something needed to be done!”

Soon after moving to Baltimore, Rivka Malka’s husband, Bezalel, sat down the two couples and proposed opening up an online store together.  This store would be an extension of both Rivka Malka and Andrea’s work, and would help bring beautiful head scarves to ladies all over the world, that covered for all reasons.

Everyone was excited about the idea – and Wrapunzel was officially opened in January 2014. Since then, the world of tichel tying has exploded.  One of their greatest priorities is bringing ladies the best headscarves in the world, “at prices we would pay!”

“We’re so proud of our bargain price points,” says Rivka Malka.  “We have no slip ‘wig grips’ for $10, cheaper than anywhere else online, $10 soft pashmina tichles, and $5 Israeli tichels! Not to mention tichel shapers for $18 as well as super budget friendly pins and accessories!

The ladies have stayed true to their mantra that they will never be business women.  “We are real people and our community knows us personally.  We value our relationships with every single woman that Wrapunzel allows us to meet.  This venture has been such a bracha!  We only sell what we wear ourselves in order to help women feel beautiful while covering their hair, and love searching the world to bring women the best headscarves ever!”

They often create fun and informative tutorials, write articles, and also travel the world doing workshops.  “You wouldn’t believe how many women in the world cover their hair!  Women of all religions, women with hair loss due to chemotherapy, women with sun sensitivity, secular feminists that find it liberating, and fashionistas that simply love the look.”

Check out Wrapunzel for great price, You Tube tutorials, articles and tips. And don’t forget to use the coupon code WELOVEKOAB for 10% off your next order (thru Septemer 24th)!

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