THIS JUST IN! Coconut Oil on Pesach Update (Without a KLP Hechsher)

spectrum virgin coconut oilYOU GUYS!

So, as you know by now, in years past, the OU has said that Spectrum Coconut Oil does not require a special KLP hechsher.

This year, however, the OU Guide to Passsover said that it was going to require a special KLP hechsher to use the coconut oil on Pesach. We were told by the OU that only the Organic Unrefined 14 oz. jar would have the OU-P and that it had been distributed nationwide.

Well, I have looked and looked and LOOKED and couldn’t find a bottle anywhere. Not Whole Foods, not Target, not online, not local stores. Nowhere.

I’ve been hearing from more and more of my KOAB readers, who were having the same no-luck experience.

So, today, I contacted the OU via their Passover Guide Chat Line and guess what???!!!

They told me that I can use the regular Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil (Unrefined, aka Virgin — not Extra Virgin) without the P!

Here’s a screen shot from chat.

Coconut Oil Pesach

Hooray!!! All of you who scored that awesome deal last month on the Unrefined Coconut Oil – you can use it for Pesach!

Disclaimer: I’m just sharing the information that I received from the chat line. If you have further questions, I suggest that you contact them as well — or you can of course ask your local rabbi!




  1. Aryeh's mom says:

    And you can get it at Walmart! Thank you !!!! you made my day.

  2. Where do you get that chat to ou? I have some other question for them and I wouldn’t mind using chat

  3. joshua swedarsky says:

    Amazon 54 Oz. 14 usd with 25% off cpn.

  4. Mara, this is HUGE!
    Thank you so much. Even without Subscribe & Save (my order already shipped for April) I was able to use the coupon & it will be at my house tomorrow.
    Thanks again.

  5. Charna Schubert says:

    Hi Mara- I emailed twice and chatted today and the same person keeps saying I need the klp- uggh.
    Here’s my conversation! I even included your screen shot and all C:\Users\cschubert\Documents\Orthodox Union Kosher Certification.html

    Let me know if you can open it.

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