FREE Sample of Vanilla Scented Trash Bags

scented trash bags 233x300 FREE Sample of Vanilla Scented Trash Bags

Request your FREE sample of Vanilla Scented Scents Trashbags via Facebook.

Wondering why I love free samples? Check out this post on small ways to save big.




  1. Thanks, Mara!

  2. it didnt work for me. when i press the link it goes strait to my facebook page but i cant find the place to like it i didnt even find their page.

    • Mara Strom says:

      That’s so strange – I’m sorry! I just tested the link and it worked for me. Can you switch browsers and try again?

  3. Thanks Mara – Can’t wait to see my SIL”s reaction when these arrive. she still hasn’t caught on to the craze ;-)

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