Reminder | Make Your Passover Notes Now (& Check for Clearance)

This is just a quick reminder that if you didn’t already do it last night, now is a great time to make yourself some notes for next year’s Pesach.

What recipes worked? Which ones flopped? Did you pack away any unopened food stuffs for next year?

Here are the notes I made for myself. I did them in Evernote, as I was packing up the tubs – and I’ll transfer this information to Google calendar later today. That way, a month before Pesach, a friendly reminder from myself will pop up just as I start stressing again about the holiday!

* 10 lbs of matzah in store room – We got it on clearance for $1/pound – a good price for us. My father-in-law told us, though, that he got it for $1 per FIVE pounds in New Jersey! JEALOUS! We have stored successfully matzah from one year to the next. Just make sure the boxes are sealed and stored in a dry and critter-free area. 

* stored in meat pots & pans tub:
  • 3 boxes potato starch – Ditto the 50% off clearance. And my family has found that we prefer desserts made with potato starch over cake meal.
  • 2 canisters of matzah meal
  • cinnamon – 1/2 full (I just taped it up and stored it in a ziploc. It may lose a bit of potency, but it shouldn’t go “off”.)
  • 2 sets of salt & pepper shakers (1/2 – 3/4 full)
  • Gefen ground pepper
  • Paprika pouch – full and unopened
* Plagues – Have (don’t need to buy)
  • frogs
  • beasts
  • lice
  • blood
  • darkness
** Look for plastic “pantry” on sale this year
** Look for sale on nice Elijah cup
** Need washing cup and more Netilat Yadiyim hand towels for seder

** Don’t buy powdered sugar – make it from regular sugar in blender

Did you leave yourself Pesach notes? 




  1. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says:

    So, we buy gefilte fish and matzo ball soup in jars and then “doctor” them up. I am wondering how long you think they keep in sealed jars? We have some left and I hate to get rid of them if I don’t need to. Thanks. I love the idea of making notes on the calendar for next year. My family uses Cozi online.

  2. bratschegirl says:

    I had understood that matzo kosher for this year’s Pesach could not be held over to next year, that it was kosher only for this year.

  3. Daniella says:

    I made my list of food that I am storing for next year…I am so pleased that I actually wrote it down and decided to save it instead of adding it to my already extensive spice collection for year round… I should save a lot of money writing this all down…since next year I will not need to buy Matza, seasonings, potato starch, matzo meal, cake mixes, and spices…I also plan to start putting aside money for next pesach… we literally spent over $1500 on Pesach this year…money we did not have for this! So crazy!!!

  4. Canned and jarred foods generally tend to store well from year to year, so I stock up now on sale items. Also, some items are useful all year round, like canned mandarins and such, and the pesach discounts are fantastic.

    Also, cake-mixes are fine from year to year. those do fine.

    AYLOR, but my understanding is that matza is fine from year to year. In fact, so many of the pesach products we buy have an expiration date usually around….next March! Somehow, I doubt that 1 month before next pesach they go bad… We use the “old” matza for cooked dishes, like matza brei and matza lasagna, and no one notices any difference. Also, Matza meal is cheap now, which I use year-round for bread crumbs (whole wheat).

  5. Any idea how long canned tuna and salmon can be stored?

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