Simple Almond Cookies – Kosher for Passover

Hey, friends! Like everyone else, I’m rushing to get a eleventy billion things done before chag, but I just had to jump on to share with you a new recipe I learned this Pesach.

My friend Eliana made these delicious almond cookies and brought them along when our families met up for a day of chol hamoed fun.

I begged her for the recipe, especially after she promised me that they are easy to make. (Easy + recipe = my love language!)

I made a quick batch last night, which my children, nephews and niece gobbled up, so now I’m making another batch today to have for chag.

They take 2 minutes to pull together and another 28 minutes in the oven. You can’t go wrong!

(Excuse my unprofessional photo, I just grabbed this one with my iPhone last night.)

Credit where credit is due: My friend tells me that she discovered the recipe several years ago in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, but that originally it was a Paula Shoyer creation.


*If you want to save some money, make your own ground almonds. Remember: Nuts do not need a special KLP hechsher, as long as they are plain (not roasted or flavored) and do not have BHT in the ingredients. To make your own, just add about one cup worth of whole almonds to a high powered blender (we have a Blendtec) and pulse a few times. Keep a close eye on the texture of your meal, otherwise you’ll turn it into almond butter!

Of course you can make these cookies anytime of year, but I like to have desserts that I just make for Pesach — like my chocolate covered strawberries and lemon strawberry sorbet. It helps keep them special! That said, I think these would make a great dessert for someone who is gluten-free.




  1. Amy mizrahi says:

    I made these cookies and my family loved them. Thanks for sharing the recipe Mara.
    All the best…

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