140 Chanukah Gift Tags or Custom Address Labels for $5, Shipped (Ends Friday)

Chanukah Gift Labels

Have you placed your order yet?

Get 140 custom address labels for just $5 from Vistaprint. (I get these almost every time the deal comes around!)

Be sure to select the slowest shipping for this deal, but don’t worry – it always comes faster than they estimate.

These little labels are so versatile.

I’ve made book labels as Chanukah gifts for teachers. Or media labels for the video games and DVDs that we loan out.  And of course, regular ole’ return address labels.

You could also make gift tags with them! That’s what I did last time and it works great. And look – they even have Chanukah-themed labels!

We NEVER seem to have cards for our birthday gifts and ALWAYS seem to realize this when we are already running 15 minutes late.

Vistaprint has hundreds of designs to choose from and you can customize them all with your own text, colors, font and size. They also have a blank option if you want to upload your own graphics.

Hint: This $5 label offer can be used multiple times, but you’ll need to finish one order, then come back, click the link, and do another one.

This offer ends Friday, November 15.

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  1. I have never ordered from here before but I am DESPERATE to find labels for my kids water bottles…do these sa0tay on through washings?(I ask because you mentioned sippy cups…)

  2. Is there a promo code? How do u get this price

  3. I tried that, doesn’t seem to take me anywhere

    • Oh gosh – I don’t know what happened. It *was* working. I’ve reached out to my contact at Vistaprint and I’ll update as soon as I hear something!

      • Rebecca – I just tried again and it worked this time! Can you try again? Let me know. In the meantime, we’ll wait to see what happens!

  4. I got it just now!
    Maybe it stopped working in the middle for a few minutes

  5. Thank you

  6. 3 Ques:

    You mentioned we can reorder by going back etc… For the same account or we’d need to create a new account?

    Also, is this considered a good price? What are original prices?

    And how does these compare (in price) to blank labels?


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