140 FREE Address Labels, FREE Canvas Bag + Lots More from Vistaprint

Vistaprint has loads of new freebie offers this week. Remember, when you get it for FREE, you do have to pay shipping & handling, which starts from $3, depending on the number of items you order and the speed of shipping.

  • 140 FREE Address Labels – We recently printed some “Property of ____” tags, to label the kids books and movies that they loan out. And, I’m thinking of ordering a set for teacher’s gifts, made up to say “Please make sure this stays in Morah ____’s room.”  Click on the “Get Started” button under Holiday Return Address Labels (ignore the holiday part – they have tons of design options).
  • FREE personalized canvas bag – Oh, the possibilities are endless for this one: Personalized library bags for the kids, swim bags for the summer, teacher’s gifts, birthday gift bags – personalized either with the recipient’s name or with “Happy Birthday”, etc. etc. (Again, ignore the Halloween part – they have numerous other options.)

I just ordered a bunch of free personalized stationery items a few weeks ago and they came much faster than estimated. I, of course, picked the slowest shipping and I think I got them within 10 days. If you’ve never ordered from Vistaprint, be careful not to select any of the “additional offers” (unless you really want them) – as those can quickly increase your cost.

As an aside, I gotta say that I’m really not sure how Vistaprint stays in business with their give-it-all-away-for-free business model. But hey – I’m not complaining, since I’m slowly stocking up on all of our end-of-the-year teacher gifts!

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  1. Just ordered C+N address labels… I’m not as surprised that they offer so much for free; I bet there are a LOT of people who order at full-price (at least the first time). That being said, I have no idea how they can run an affiliate program. All I paid was $3.10 for shipping…how do you benefit from that?

  2. Thanks so much. I ordered some of the caricature items.. I always wanted to order them but thought it was too pricy.. I can’t wait for them to come..

  3. I just ordered return address labels, a pen, a sticky pad and a canvas bag. It was a little frustrating – I had to split the order up. If I tried to get a fourth thing for free it charged me for something else. I ended up paying shipping of about $11 for both orders together. Worth it – I now have a very nice teacher gift and Bar Mitzvah invite return address labels.

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