15% off IPhone 4 & 4S thru Virgin Mobile


Remember when we talked about ways to save on your cell phone bill and I mentioned how much my husband likes Virgin Mobile?

Well, I wanted to let you know that they are having a 15% off sale on both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s thru June 10th.

With Virgin, you pay for the phone outright, but then you get a monthly plan for as low as $35/month (taxes are included) that has 300 talk minutes with unlimited text and data. If you need unlimited talk minutes, you’ll pay $55/month.

Plus, you are not under contract – you can cancel anytime you want (although my husband has been with them for two and a half years, very happily, so you may not want to cancel).



  1. Gregory Titievsky says

    I’m on Virgin too! However, price is $35/mo for 300 min plan, and taxes are NOT included (that is if your state has tax on phone cards, like Illinois). However, if you go and buy cards on ebay (way below cost) then you can avoid sales tax in your tax

    • Mara Strom says

      Yes, thank you! My husband actually caught my error immediately, but I didn’t get to fix it until now. Sorry about that!

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