1SaleADay: FREE Drinking Straw Glasses

My husband is making me post this deal. He found it and said it’s awesome. I said it’s silly and I’m just going to have to declutter the straw glasses in a week. He said that I’m a serious kill-joy and that my readers would love these. So, do you love ’em?

Go “like” 1SaleADay on Facebook, then help yourself to a free pair of drinking straw glasses. Shipping’s free, too!

Yes, that’s right: KOAB brings you the hard-hitting freebies.  😉


  1. Agreed. They clearly represent complete awesomeness. Well done!

  2. They’re awesome-but sold out!

  3. Hahahaha – I bought these from Target as part of last Chanukah’s white elephant exchange that we did in my family and they were a hit – obviously a one time use but extremely entertaining to watch my brother-in-law (a PhD, mind you) drink a whole glass of apple juice through these.

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