20% Off Amazon Diapers – Where Can You Find the Coupon?

It seems as if that wonderful 20% off Amazon diapers coupon is popping up in more and more magazines. So far, I have heard that you can find it in the January editions of Parents Magazine, Parenting Magazine and American Baby.

If you don’t currently subscribe to these, check your local library — just ask for permission from the librarian before you go tearing out the coupon!

You can also sign up for a FREE one-year subscription to American Baby Magazine here. When you sign up, enter a birthdate for your child that is either +/- one year from today. {If you don’t want to miss out on the coupon waiting for your subscription to start, be sure to stop in at a Babies R’ Us, where reader Eli says you can pick up the January issue for FREE!}

Have you come across the Amazon coupon in any other January mags? Leave a comment and I’ll update this post.

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  1. oh goodie! thanks for mentioning this, now I’ll go out and get a copy.

  2. A few of my magazines did a Dec/Jan issue so I don’t get a new one until Feb. I think that is why my code didn’t expire until Jan 31st

  3. you can pick up american baby at babies r us for free! I got six yesterday!

  4. I pick them up at my pediatricians office, and i got the new coupon, good till the end of February!

  5. Zippy can you send me code if you dont need? I can really use it.

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