#20MinuteMissions | Week 1 (Spice Cabinet)

Hey all! Just a quick check-in, with my results from the first week of 20 Minute Missions.

My spices drawer (and the oil, vinegar and sauces drawer below it) is decluttered and containerized.

Here’s a look at my “before” pictures.

I combined and tossed duplicates (I had four cayenne peppers ๐Ÿ˜ฒ), and labeled the lids to make it quicker and easier to grab the right one when Iโ€™m cooking.

Before I put everything back, I gave a good wipe down to the rather sticky, icky drawers.

I will tell you that I briefly considered alphabetizing them because I though that would “look good” on Instagram. But I quickly snapped out of that silliness. Maintenance would be way too annoying.

Are you joining me for the 20 Minute Missions? This upcoming weekโ€™s assignment is the dreaded Tupperware cabinet. Here’s a look at all the missions (if you need to play catch up, or want to plan ahead):

  1. Week of February 11 โ€“ Spice Cabinet
  2. Week of February 18 โ€“ Tupperware Drawer
  3. Week of February 25 โ€“ Under the kitchen sink
  4. Week of March 4 โ€“ Refrigerator
  5. Week of March 11ย โ€“ Freezer / deep freezer
  6. Week of March 18 โ€“ No mission (Happy Purim!)
  7. Week of March 25ย โ€“ Pantry (one shelf or area is fine!)
  8. Week of April 1ย โ€“ Kitchen junk drawer
  9. Week of April 8 โ€“ Kitchen / island counter
  10. Week of April 15 โ€“ No mission (Happy Pesach!)
  11. Week of April 22 โ€“ No mission (Happy Pesach!)
  12. Week of April 29ย โ€“ Linen closet
  13. Week of May 6ย โ€“ No mission (Happy Yom Ha’Atzamaut!)
  14. Week of May 13ย โ€“ Guest or kids’ bathroom
  15. Week of May 20 โ€“ Master bathroom
  16. Week of May 27ย โ€“ Coat closet / entryway
  17. Week of June 3ย โ€“ Kids’ bedroom closet
  18. Week of June 10 โ€“ No mission (Happy Shavuot!)

If you’re interested in joining along โ€“ and I hope you are! โ€“ย you can sign up for the email below list, and I’ll be sure to send you a friendly reminder and some before & after shots of my own progress each week.

And if you want to share your own accomplishments (do it, do it!) on Facebook or IG, be sure to hashtag them #20minutemissions, so we can all find them!


  1. hatzlacha! i found that my biggest challenge with this sort of “mission” is that by the time you are a couple months in you need to put those first assignments back on the list!

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