$25 Score Big Voucher for Just $5 *HOT*

Score Big

It’s baseball season — which means new opportunities to get discount tickets.

The deal-a-day site Plum District is offering  a $25 credit to ScoreBig for just $5.

If you don’t remember how great a deal ScoreBig can be, just check out this post my husband wrote a while back.

My family is a regular user of ScoreBig to buy baseball tickets. My husband took my boys and a friend to a game just this Wednesday night. They got four tickets with a $39 face value each for just $30 total after using a $30 ScoreBig credit.

Even after factoring the $8 used to get that credit, it was still just $9.50 a ticket – more than 75% savings over face value.

And to boot, both my boys wound up getting game balls – though the fact that they sat through nine innings in freezing rain made it easier to get those balls from two very nice Royals players.

Now with this Score Big credit via Plum District, we should all be able to attend a game in nicer weather this summer, too.

Note the fine print on this deal says the voucher expires on June 30. That means you must make your purchase by that date, although you can purchase tickets for games later in the season.


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