50% Off Clarisonic Mias – Mia 1 for Just $64.50 (Previous Low Price was $79)

WOW! If you have been thinking about getting a Clarisonic Mia, this is the very best prices I’ve ever seen!

Through March 24th or while supplies last, Clarisonic.com is offering 50% off select Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Devices AND Free Shipping when you use the code 50PERCENT at checkout.

You can get the Clarisonic Mia 1 for $64.50 (reg. $129) – available in several colors – when you use the code 50PERCENT.

Or you can upgrade to the Clarisonic Mia 2 for only $84.50 (reg. $169).

I have a Mia 1 and absolutely love it. I know this is a lot to spend on something to clean your face. For months, I thought, “Meh, that’s what a washcloth is for, no?”

But I finally broke me down and bought it three years. What a difference it makes! My skin is tighter, cleaner and glowier (okay, I made up that word – but you know what I mean.)

The incredible thing is, when I clean with my Mia, I get the same great results no matter what facial cleanser I use – the department store stuff or the drug store stuff.

And I thought I had pretty good skin before. But the truth is, aging is not always your epidermis’ friend. If you fight with blemishes or are past 40, I think this will be money very well spent.

There are many knock-offs for less, but in my humble opinion, they will not do the same thing for your skin. Not even close.

HURRY – because these Clarisonics are going to sell out quickly.

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