6pm.com: FREE Shipping + 70% Off Select Brands

You guys know I LOVE a good free shipping sale. It’s a serious draw for a bargain shopper like me, who HATES to “waste” money on shipping when I don’t have to.

So while 6pm.com is one of my fav shoe stores (did you know it’s the Zappos outlet), I often pass on great bargains because I find that $6.95 flat rate a bitter pill to swallow.

All of which is my very wordy way of saying… HOORAY! For a limited time (seriously, I have no idea how long this promo will last, but I’m guessing not past tonight or tomorrow), you can get FREE shipping on all your 6pm.com orders, regardless of how much you buy.

Plus, 6pm is having up to 70% off sales on Aerosoles, Tsubo, and Naya.

I really need fall/winter shoes. Like seriously need them. I have two pairs of Shabbat shoes – a pair of heels (which kill my feet) and a pair of sandals (which are not going to cut it much longer!). So, I’m off to shop. And with free shipping + 70% off, who knows – I might even get two pairs!

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  1. I was coincidentally visiting http://www.6pm.com yesterday. It is a *great* sight for shoes. I searched on my shoe size + “under $25” and came up with a slew of great stuff. Surprisingly great stuff.

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