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Having an Honest Discussion about Debt

I wanted to share with you this post that I came across the other day from the (now defunct) Ask Shifra blog. She writes about "Jewish debt" and asks her readers to contribute their personal stories. Today I was emailing with another blogger who … [Read more...]

No More Harvard Debt – How One Man Cleared $91,000 in Student Loan Debt in Just 7 Months

His story has been all over the Internet, but in case you missed it - here's one for your inspiration files! Joe Mihalic earned his MBA from Harvard in 2009, along with $101,000 in student loans. He was one of the lucky ones - despite the … [Read more...]

The Truth About Being Financially Responsible

Five and a half years ago, my husband and I were on an adrenaline rush. In January of 2008, we had committed to getting out of debt. To having an actual emergency fund (not a $10,000 credit limit on a Visa card, but actual bonafide cash in the … [Read more...]

How Having an Emergency Fund Creates a Buffer

Yesterday was a crazy day. Major rain storms. Tornado warnings. Our friends' basement flooded. Our two year old got into a safety-locked container of oil-based paint and "painted" herself and the interior of our silver Camry green. (Don't ask how … [Read more...]

Budgeting Basics | How to Make a Realistic Budget

So, you're ready to start living on a written budget. Great! Now what? I'm sure there are many ways to make a budget that works for you, but here's our story.  As I've confessed before, when Frankie and I got serious about getting out of debt, … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Bundle as Low as $38.75, Shipped

You guys know I'm a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. Working his plan has changed our lives. Today, the deal a day site Mamasource has a wonderful Dave Ramsey bundle for just $45 with free shipping (reg. $120). Even better, if you are new to … [Read more...]

  Woohoo! Thanks for confirming your subscription to Kosher on a Budget... I'm so excited to be newsletter FRIENDS! Please check your inbox later today for your first deal-packed email from me. In the meantime, here is a look at some … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A: 6 Steps for Getting Through the Tough Times

I get many questions like this one from "Jenny" (she asked that I not use her real name)  and I always feel a bit funny answering them. While I want to give all of you encouragement to live your best financial lives, no matter where in that financial … [Read more...]

How Short-Term Goals Can Help You Stick to Your Budget

One of the things I learned about myself during our get out of debt journey is that sticking to a budget just because is really, really difficult for me. I need something else. Eventually, I figured out that for me, that something else is … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Budgeting, Part 2: There are no sacred cows.

When my husband and I decided to get out of debt in January of 2008 (yes, it's an anniversary for me!), we knew we were going to need to make some drastic changes in our spending habits. While we hadn't been doing anything "extravagant", we had … [Read more...]