AMF Bowling Coupon is Back! $20 Off Your Next Game = Free Bowling

amf eclub $20 coupon

It seems that this coupon performs a frequent disappearing act. I think what’s happening is AMF sets a daily quota for how many people can print it, so once it’s reached, they pull the offer.

I saw this morning that the deal is live again. Sign up for the AMF eclub here (I use my “deal email” and not my “real email” for all online sign-ups!) and they will send you a coupon for $20 off your  next round of bowling.

A few days after we signed up, we also got a coupon for a free round, which I used to take the kiddos bowling a few weeks ago. That coupon is good for up to six people, so feel free to be generous and invite some friends, too.

Both coupons were good for a week after printing.

Thanks, Hip2Save.


  1. Thanks Mara. We bowl in leagues and get lots of free games, but we have a 3week pause in our league play when we would otherwise have to pay. And that is RIGHT now! Kids will be delighted.

  2. I didn’t get one – and I had a friend sign up and he’s having problems printing it.

    Any ideas? Did yours work?

    Also, do you know if shoes are extra, and how much?

    • Ours did work. Is it giving you problems printing? Or you didn’t get the coupon sent to you? Check the AMF website – I’d send an email that you can’t get your coupon to print. I’m guessing they’d email you another link.

      Shoes were extra. My oldest has, but DS2 and I both rented the last time we were there. I think it was $6 for both pairs.

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