And then it rained…

Rain on Sukkot

and rained, and rained! What’s the deal? We haven’t prayed for rain yet. And we certainly haven’t prayed for it to rain in Kansas!

About 20 minutes after I snapped this picture, the skies opened up. It has been raining hard on and off ever since. Our paper chains are so water logged, I doubt they’ll make it until tonight. The kids will be so sad if we can’t eat in our sukkah tonight.

Oh well, at least our intentions were good. How’s the weather by you?

P.S. Don’t forget to join my virtual sukkah hop! I want to see where you’ll be spending your chag!


  1. It doesn’t “look” too bad, but I’m sure the non-laminated items are soggy at best.

  2. We invested in foam sheets to make our paper chains. Of course we then have to store them from year to year, but at least they make it through the holiday. I will try to post a picture of our sukkah. We have an “Anything Goes Theme” too. I call it Fusion!

    So far everything has survived the rains.

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