Bottled Spring Water: Just $1.55/20 pack at Office Depot!

cheap bottled water office depot

Thanks to Hip2Save for posting about this incredible deal on bottled water. (Warning: You are going to have to really stockpile some water to get this low price.)

Office Depot has spring water on sale buy 2-get 1 free this week. The price per pack is $3.99.

Buy 9 @ $3.99 each = $35.91
– 3 free from promotion = $23.94
– $10/20 in-store Office Depot coupon here = $13.94 for (9) 20-packs of water — $1.55 per pack

As a point of reference, the cheapest I ever bought water for was 2-for-1 at $1.99. But it wasn’t spring water, it was… whatever they call that water that’s basically straight from the tap? I’m definitely putting Office Depot on my errands list this week!

And yes, yes, of course I know that tap water is FREE and bottled water, even at a great price, is NOT. But even though we have travel bottles, sometimes I just find it’s helpful to keep a 20-pack of water in the back of the car just in case… I figure it’s a small price to pay for ten minutes of driving without whining.

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