The 2019 BEST Back-to-School Prices

Best Back to School Prices

School may have just ended a few days (or weeks) ago, but the back-to-school sales are in full force, starting this week!

If you’ve got a mile-long list of school supplies, then you’re going to want to pay special attention to Kosher on a Budget every Sunday for the next eight weeks.

That’s when I will be posting a round-up of the very best deals on school supplies at stores near you. I’ll also be posting all the online school supply deals throughout the week!

Now, I know that you want to get the very best prices on the items on your Back to School shopping list.

So, by popular demand, I’ve put together this CHEATSHEET OF YOUR “BUY NOW” BACK TO SCHOOL PRICES.

These are your “buy now” prices on the most common items on every school supply list.

At some point over the next several week, you will be able to find these prices during Back to School sales at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Office Depot/Max, Staples or elsewhere. Some weeks, the crayons will be cheapest at Target; the next week, they’ll be cheapest at Staples. My Sunday weekly round-up will tell you where to buy what.

To hit these target prices, I definitely recommend that you (1) start early and (2) be patient.

Remember: All school supply items will eventually reach their buy-now prices, but they won’t all do it the same week at the same store.

If the price on an item is slightly higher than the one listed here, it may still be worth it for you to buy it — so you can cross it off your list and be done with it! (This is a prime example of that old Time vs. Money conundrum.)

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  1. Sara Leah Solomon says

    When I click “get the list” there’s a pop-up, and I’m guessing there’s a link on there but I can’t see the whole pop-up, and scrolling down isn’t helping 🙁

    • Mara Strom says

      I’m sorry that’s happening to you, Sara Leah. Can you tell me what platform you’re on (laptop or phone or table?) and what browser? I want to trouble shoot it for you. To get the list, you need to give your name and email address, so I can email it to you. If you’d like me to do it for you manually, please shoot me an email! mara @

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